Deciding to become a Whistleblower is serious business, and deserves serious lawyers.

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Secured the first-ever IRS tax fraud whistleblower award, a $20 Million IRS whistleblower
settlement against a financial services firm.


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One of the best Whistleblower teams in the industry, handling pharmaceutical fraud, Medicare fraud, IRS tax fraud, and securities fraud.


Winning over $2 Billion in False Claims Act / Qui Tam Cases.


More than 20 active cases on file with the Federal government.



We understand the concerns about potential retaliation, the considerations of family, and the emotional rollercoaster of deciding to step forward and report fraud.

Common Questions

Whistleblower Attorneys for Qui Tam, IRS/Tax, and SEC/CFTC Whistleblower Cases

Meet YLG’s Eric L. Young

Young Law Group’s Founding Partner, , secured the first-ever mandatory tax fraud whistleblower reward under the IRS Whistleblower Program and has represented whistleblowers in several of the nation’s largest Qui Tam recoveries under the Federal and State False Claims Acts.

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Our Experience

Young Law Group is a nationally renowned law firm representing Whistleblowers in , , and . Our experience and expertise has resulted in the recovery of fraudulently obtained taxpayer money from companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, finance and banking, government contracting, among others. YLG attorneys’ efforts have resulted in recoveries totaling over $2 Billion in qui tam cases under the False Claims Act, the IRS Whistleblower Law, and the SEC Whistleblower Law. YLG’s principal, Eric Young, has been widely recognized for having secured the first-ever mandatory IRS Whistleblower reward in 2011 on behalf of an in-house accountant for one of the nation’s largest financial institutions. In addition, Mr. Young has represented whistleblowers in several of the largest healthcare fraud qui tam cases in the nation’s history and is currently prosecuting a closely watched federal False Claims Act case against Novartis along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.

YLG lawyers have extensive litigation experience in both the public and the private sectors which allows us to employ a multidisciplinary team approach that emphasizes extensive pre-litigation investigation — critical aspects of any successful whistleblower case. Equally as important, YLG understands that confidentiality is rule number one. While many law firms claim to have whistleblower experience, YLG has a distinguished track record of success. Our firm currently has over 30 cases deemed confidential that are being actively investigated by federal and state governments in the areas of healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical sales and marketing fraud, defense contractor fraud, tax fraud, and securities fraud and insider trading. Our practice is national in scope and we represent clients both in the United States and abroad.

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