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The IRS Tax Whistleblower Program

The IRS Whistleblower Program provides monetary incentives for persons who voluntarily provide the specific credible information about possible violations of the Internal Revenue Code that result in the collection of taxes, penalties, interest, or other amounts from a noncompliant taxpayer. IRS whistleblower rewards can be up to 30% of the additional tax penalty and other amounts the IRS collects.

The IRS tax whistleblower program provides for two types of rewards:

  • The IRS will pay 15-30% of the amount collected if the taxes, penalties, interest and other amounts in dispute exceed $2 million, and if the case involves an individual his or her annual gross income must be more than $200,000; or
  • The IRS will pay up to 15% of the amount collected, up to $10 million if the case involves an individual taxpayer with gross income of less than $200,000.

The IRS will, as a matter of policy, attempt to keep the whistleblower’s identity anonymous. However, their commitment is qualified and they tell whistleblowers that it may identify them if they are an essential witness in a judicial proceeding, or if ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction. A good tax whistleblower attorney can evaluate your case to determine and advise you whether it is likely that you would be called as a necessary witness should the IRS take the tax whistleblower case to trial.  The Young Law Group is the first law firm to secure the first tax whistleblower reward of $4.5 million for an accountant client and was able to protect and keep that account’s name anonymous. To this day, the public is still unaware of the identity of the person who received the first IRS tax whistleblower reward.

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