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Young Law Group – Representing Whistleblowers Nationwide

Young Law Group represents whistleblowers nationwide who report fraud by bringing whistleblower cases, such as qui tam cases brought under the False Claims Act, IRS Tax whistleblower cases brought under the Internal Revenue Code, and SEC/CFTC whistleblower cases brought under Federal Securities Laws and the Commodity Exchange Act.

Young Law Group has an established record of success and over 10 years experience bringing whistleblower cases. Some of Young Law Group’s settled cases include:

• IRS Tax Whistleblower – Young Law Group successfully represented the first person ever to receive an IRS Whistleblower reward of $4.5 million for exposing a Fortune 500 financial services firm failure to pay taxes which resulted in a settlement and recovery of $22 million to the IRS.
• Pfizer, Inc. – Young Law Group’s Eric L. Young served as counsel of record for several whistleblowers in a $2.3 Billion Dollar qui tam settlement to settle allegations that the pharmaceutical giant defrauded Medicare, Medicaid and other government-funded health care programs in connection with its market practices for four of its drugs. The qui tam settlement was the largest qui tam settlement in U.S. history.
• Cephalon, Inc. – A former Cephalon sales representative filed a qui tam complaint against Cephalon, Inc. for unlawful off-label marketing of Cephalon drugs, including Gabitril, Actiq, and Provigil. Young Law Group client’s qui tam complaint led to federal and numerous state governments recovering $425 million in a civil settlement.
• Denver Health & Hospital Authority – In January 2012, Young Law announced that Denver Health and Hospital Authority (“DHHA”) agreed to pay $6.3 million to settle allegations that the DHHA submitted false claims to Medicare and Medicaid by improperly submitting claims for short hospital stays as though they were “inpatient” stays when they should have been billed as less expensive “outpatient” or “observation” stays.

Young Law Group has a track record of success filing a qui tam lawsuits and whistleblower cases. Call us today, confidentially, and we’ll discuss your potential case.